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It's Time Consuming

Finding apartments for us takes less than 24 hours. Stopping you from wasting time

Leasing Agents

Agents for apartments will not tell you the truth about apartments prices, we do!


The internet can be tricky, and can convince you to move in an undesirable place.

Benefits from working with a locator.

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Practice makes perfect

We do this everyday! Making sure your getting the best deal is the objective.

Unlimited Apartments

You can decline the apartments we send over and over until we found the right one!

Peace of mind

When you contact us, you throw all that stress on us. You just relax and do you.

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2 years ago

Day to day leases done by our expert agents.

A touch of what's possible. We try our best to post all the apartments we find on our site. These luxurious, cheap deals that we get from offices are rare. For apartments prices changes every twenty four hours when you work with a locator he/she can assure that the leasing office honor the prices that was first agreed on. You can go to our recent leases page and choose what apartment suits you best and then click i want something similar on our menu. And we will do out best to get you the best deal possible. We here at Sweet home Locating are growing happy customers!

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