Relocating can be tough

Making the next move?

We’re here to help.

Moving and change is tough on everyone, and we know how it feels because we’re in the same boat, because your problem is now our problem. Having someone with you (i.e Agent) to answer all your question and helps you with the smoothest transaction to moving is important, it’s something we all need. Here is a few tips you can read before you move forward. For more info please email us

You’ll be surprised by this but most of the clients we get on here becomes best friends with our agents. And our agents love them. Treat your agent like you would treat your siblings or your spouse. Just be your self.

Perfect, our agents will face time your apartment, send you the leasing contract and have an Uber ready for you as soon as you land,

simply put it, less than 48 hours.

Unfortunately that is one thing we cant help you as agents because we can lose our license. It is considered prejudice. But you can check with the cities US Census Bureau

So good news, every apartment will most likely have utilities solutions at hand, but if for some reason they don’t,  we will help you.

So we cant help you move your belongings, but we can help you pick excellent companies to help you move.

You can talk to your agent about transportation, and if he/she asks for gas you can work out with them. We can recommend rental companies also. 

Pets are usually always allowed in every apartment. Make sure to put a side fee, because apartments charge for pets. But if there is an apartment that doesn’t except you pet, then we’ll move to the next.

Deposits vary for apartments, the max we have seen is $500, but that is very rare.

Most apartments or even all in places like Austin and Houston, come with fridge, microwave and parking permit.

Unfortunately we don’t, but we can definitely help you find a furnishing company?