How we do things?

Making every apartment a sweet home.

Having an agent at your back gives you complete confidence facing leasing agent’s behind their desks waiting to watch you sign. And as the tail goes, confidence is key. You can call us the angels of apartments because we fly you to your home sweet home.


We love to learn everything about you and your past experience with renting. Tell us everything because we love to listen.

“My agent was very experienced and knew what I wanted before I even said it. He advised me a lot of things like electricity and maintenance and pest. After I leased my apartment he gave me a $50 dollar gift card. Sweet Home is the best”

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The industry of leasing

We hate to say this, but leasing agent’s in apartment offices don’t care about you. All they want is your money like everybody else. That’s why we have realtors locating, to protect clients.

“My agent Maya was a pro and knew exactly what i wanted in my next apartment because she her self had the same problem before she became a realtor. She gave me a lot of comfort”

Unlimited Options

Don’t be afraid to tell your agent that you don’t like the option he presented. That’s what we’re here for to ensure the quality is the best.

“My agent found me 3 apartments but i really did not like them so she found me 3 more and took me her self to the leasing office and walked me through the whole application. And after that, she gave me a $50 dollar gift card. Awesome agent.”

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Touring is free

You cant pick until you see, and you cant like until you tour and we’re here with. We will walk with you step by step the whole way through.

“My agent met with me at the leasing office in Houston, and talked on my behalf in every single detail that I did not even thing of, it is truly a blessing to have active locators”

After Contract

Because you went through our process we owe a a gratitude. $50 dollars worth of the gift card of your choosing. We will do our best to help you through the moving process.

“Me and my agent actually became best friends after he helped choose my apartment. And we have been now for 7 months. Sweet home is normal people making tremendous help to our society.”

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