How You Can Clean Your Apartment Properly

Does the idea of cleaning your apartment make you feel nervous? Like how can you effectively clean your place without wasting so much time? Whether you are moving into a new apartment and want to deep clean your apartment to get rid of germs and other disease-causing microorganisms. The cleaning of your place effectively gives the health assurance of you and your family members.

But most people don’t know much about the deep cleaning of their apartment, and they need desperate help to make their life worth living. In that matter, we are here to make your life easy by telling you every detail about you can clean your apartment correctly. Read till the end for better understanding and don’t miss any vital detail for a better experience.

Why You Need to Deep Cleaning of Your Apartment

  1. Beneficial For Your Soul

Undoubted, a clean apartment is critical for optimal mental health. There is a unique link between a clean place and healthy individuals. You can say that people with the most immaculate homes the healthiest and happiest ones. So, have a clean apartment and ensure a healthier mental state.

  1. Good for Your Body

Daily cleaning sessions also aid in keeping your heart healthy, particularly for jobs like vacuuming. If you don’t like to go to the gym or do light exercises, you must go for home cleaning sessions.

Keep your place clean helps in making your body healthy and fit. It will also make you able to reduce fats without doing intense workouts.

  1. Keeps the Germs at a Distance

If you spend time deep cleaning your apartment then, it keeps indoor toxins at a distance. Indoor air can be up to four times more dangerous than the outdoors. It means while you are at your place quite often, you are more susceptible to intoxicating dirt mites, mold, and other toxic substances.

You should use green cleaning products or organic items to keep your apartment free from such toxins.

  1. Makes You More Productive

A deep, cleaned apartment makes you more productive at your office! Individuals who live and work in cleaner surroundings are more alert and productive, permitting them to create positive results.

In contrast, if the environment is dirty and messy, it is tough to focus on doing any work. It is difficult for your mind to work correctly when the surrounding area is not in good condition.

Being more creative at the office or academics produces more work satisfaction, and indeed, more money.

  1. Minimizes Stress and Anxiety

Fortunately, deep cleaning provides an unexplainable sense of satisfaction and convenience. The physical struggles needed in washing, cleaning, and wiping help minimize your stress level.

Collectively, deep apartment cleaning helps in minimizing stress and depression. Therefore, next time make enough effort to ensure that you take the full responsibility of cleaning your place.

  1. Helps in Preventing Allergies

There are many products or items in your home that can form allergic reactions. Like, walls, dirty sheets, and mattresses enhance your health risk and make you vulnerable to growing allergic reactions.

To get rid of allergies, you should ensure to wash your area with anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water as soon as possible.

Additionally, clean your walls with disinfectant wipes at least once a week. If your apartment is large enough and you think cleaning is a tough job, call for professional cleaning services.

  1. Remove Tension of Guests 

One of the crucial things to note is that you should clean your apartment correctly to make it presentable in front of your guests. Majorities of owners have the insufficiency to invite people for fun. The problem is that you may have to spend many hours changing styles and cleaning your apartment before you can feel relax about letting anyone in.

Now feel free to invite people to hang out by deep cleaning your apartment. However, if you realize you cannot do it yourself, you can hire a professional cleaner to do this for yourself!

The Things You Will Need to Clean Your Apartment

  • Disinfectant spray
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Furniture polish
  • Carpet deep cleaner
  • Baking soda or Lemon
  • Glass and wall cleaner
  • Microfiber cloths/old wash rags
  • Lint roller or Paper towels
  • Newspaper or Rubber gloves
  • Sponges
  • Step stool
  • Toilet brush
  • Dust bins/ discarding bags
  • Vacuum/steam vacuum
  • Broom/dusting cloth
  • Mop

Checklist for Cleaning Your Apartment

  1. Living Areas and Bedroom

Living areas can get messy and dirty. Once you have cleaned everything, do the following steps to finish cleaning;

  • Do vacuuming of fabric furniture such as sofas and chairs
  • Cleaning all wood furniture with polish that is adequate for the finish
  • Wipeout all linens
  • Wash windows (inside and out) with glass cleaner or vinegar and newspaper
  1. Bathroom

  • Your sanitizing cleaner is needed here more than any other area. Consider the crannies where germs and bacteria can grow.
  • Rub your bathtub, shower, and faucet upper sides
  • Clean countertops, sinks, and others
  • Deep clean cabinets inside and out.
  • Wiping down the cabinets with the combo of hairspray, shampoo, and warm water
  • Wash mirrors or doors with ideal cleaner, Lemon or vinegar with suitable paper
  • Disinfect your toilets, and remember the cleaning under and around the seat and the sides
  • Clean shower curtain, towel, cleaning cloths, and rug according to laundry guidance
  1. Kitchen

You don’t know the point that kitchens are one of the dirtiest places in your apartment. Therefore, you will want to manage each part of this room —incredibly if you are moving into a new location.

It is significant to highlight that certain sanitizers are not secure for food surfaces; therefore, ensure to utilize cleaners planned for the kitchen or green and natural items products like Lemon and vinegar.

  • Stovetop

Eliminate burner cover and soak them in soapy water, then rub the stovetop with green cleaner. Remember to clean the knobs or back panel. Baking soda and vinegar are ideal for hard to clean areas.

  • Oven

Please get rid of racks and wipe them out with organic soap. Utilize oven cleaner or vinegar plus water solution to clean unwanted stains and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  • Microwave

Keep a cup of hot water inside, cook it for a while, and then let the steam sit for a couple of mins. When it is completed, clean it with a cloth.

  • Fridge

Keep away the shelves or drawers and wipe the inside with warm water. Then utilize a baking soda and water combine to wash your shelves and drawers. Please turn off the power, displace the fridge, and pass under it. Then remove the pan and clean the front and side panels.

  • Dishwasher

Load a dishwasher-safe container with a cup of baking soda or warm water mix and keep it on the top rack. Then pass the hot-water cycle to get rid of dirt, grease, and odors. When the process is ended, clean the inside with a proper cloth.

  • Sink and Disposal

Initially sprinkle vinegar down the drain, then include baking soda to foam it and load the disposal. Carry on with the flow of boiling water. Once that is completed, utilize a paste of baking soda and warm water to rub the sink.

  • Countertops and Cabinets

It would be best to clean everything involving inside cabinets and drawers, with vinegar and water mixture having Lemon or baking soda.

  1. Laundry Room

The laundry room is also full of dust and dirt. Therefore, it cleans all surfaces properly and then moves on to the items. Clean all seals with a baking soda or Lemon and warm water mix, then run an empty cycle of warm water on hot with bleach. To finish, clean the drum and leave its door open to dry.

For the dryer, wash its components with a long brush or vacuum things. If you consider the dryer vent is clogged, consult with professionals before doing the work to fix it.

Move out & move-in Apartment Cleaning

If you are moving in or moving out of your apartment, you can do many things to clean your apartment without making much effort and wasting your precious time as time is essential for all of us. Following are the point to note before cleaning;

  • Utilize green or organic chemicals
  • The getting rid of disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria
  • Giving full attention to your work
  • Utilize advanced tools and equipment
  • Make a list of cleaning like where to start
  • Make the place hygienically safe
  • Self cleanliness

Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Clean

  1. Design a Plan for Cleaning 

How you arrange your area can have an essential effect on cleaning. But the critical thing to note is keeping your floors open. Avoid putting away anything on your floor, under sheets, and on the storage room’s surfaces whenever you think it is suitable. Not only will it look great but also it will make vacuuming and clearing way easier.

  1. Everything Must Have Its Place

Of course, even the tiniest thing in your apartment should have its place. You can think about every opportunity you return house after the job and make sense of where to place the keys, socks, coat, and other things then when you go to your room.

It is vital with the goal that you will feel where to discover these things and where to take your guest on the occasion that you have one.

  1. Use Technology 

Technology can aid you in making your apartment clean and slick. Consider buying a mechanical vacuum for deep cleaning. Robots work with rugs and floors and can be arranged to run while you are resting or at work. You can even control them distantly with your smartphone.

Other helpful appliances like self-cleaning blenders reduce the amount of cleaning you will need to perform. Air channels remove allergens from the air and help in evacuating the dirt.

  1. Clean the Carpets

In plenty of situations, tidying up present rugs with a vacuum and extensive shampooing can be appropriate, yet it is a particular case than the standard. While washing floor coverings is essential, replacing carpets is the perfect thing to do.

  1. Collect Clutter First

Whenever you decide to clear a specific area of your apartment, always pick clutter as soon as possible. Gather magazines and old rappers from your room. You need to throw them or keep them in a proper place. It will aid you efficiently in the cleaning of your desired area.

  1. Use Vacuum to Clean the Dirt

You should turn off your fans at the start of vacuuming because it will cause lots of damage. For cleaning, initiate from the upper areas of the website. For example, dusting your place then begins from the shelves or other sides of the furniture.

  1. Focus Areas that Need Additional Care

Utilize spray cleaner for washing your Tub, Sink, and Toilet. Please wait for a moment after spraying so that chemicals start their and dissolve all the dust particles and stain in itself.

In the kitchen and begin scrubbing tiles of the wall of the kitchen to get the shinning surface. Remember to clean your kitchen appliances such as Oven, toaster, and juicer grinder, etc.

Pay attention to waste or garbage disposal and dispose of the trash as soon as possible. Then return to the Toilet and wash it thoroughly with plenty of water.


Many people take apartment cleaning as a massive job and think they cannot clean their apartment correctly. No doubt, apartment cleaning is not an easy job to do, but if you consider our instructions to follow our points of how to clean your place correctly within minimum time, you will feel cleaning is such an easy thing.

So, for proper health and the excellent appearance of your home, deep cleaning is essential. Hopefully, this guide will help you clear many points regarding apartment cleaning; if you have any confusion, ask us any time!