Having A Pet In Your Apartment Is Great

Finding the right apartment can be difficult enough, but when a pet is brought into the equation, the pressure goes up a bit.

      To make sure they are as happy as possible, you need to give them lots of attention, a comfortable place to stay, and if possible, you want to do the actual move stress-free.  After all, the last thing you want to do is make your pet more safe and happy.Whether you are a pet owner and looking for a new place to live peacefully with your pet.

      Here are some things to keep in mind:–

What you should do and what you shouldn’t do?

      You may have to compromise, but that’s no reason why your friend can’t be happy in their apartment.  Just follow these simple ground rules.

      You should Choose The Right Pet

      When you see those little faces in the window of the pet store, it’s hard to stop yourself.  But step back and do your research.

      Cats can be great apartment pets, but some dog breeds are not bred to live in confined spaces.  Smaller dogs such as the Whippet and Pomeranian adapt more easily, although some larger breeds such as the Great Dane or Irish Greyhound are also well suited to apartment living due to their docile disposition.  Other people, on the other hand, run the risk of going crazy!  Fish also make great pets and are much easier to care for than cats and dogs.  Stocking an aquarium with bristle catfish or other low-maintenance fish boxes is perfect for an apartment.

     You shouldn’t lie to your landlord

      Finding a pet-friendly apartment can be difficult.  But bringing a pet into your building is a bad idea for many reasons, including the fact that they can kick you out.

      If your lease has a clause that prohibits pets, talk to the agent or landlord.  Sometimes they may make an exception or allow you to keep a pet for an additional fee.  Paying extra might sound a bit costly, but it’s better than losing your deposit.

     You should Make your home pet-safe

      Everyday objects can be deadly traps for small puppies and kittens, so explore all potential hazards: lie down on the floor, look for spots in the back of the fridge, look for loose wires to chew on, and examine your houseplants. Houseplants can be toxic to some animals, and no one wants “death by cactus.”

      You shouldn’t Ignore Your Furry Friend

      If you are someone who works long hours or travels regularly interstate or internationally, make sure you have enough time to give your pets the love they need.

      Although there are many simple technological inventions that can be used to keep your pet fed and watered while you are away, just like humans, pets become depressed when left alone for long periods of time.  Sad cats can be funny in memes but it is much better to be healthy and happy in real life.

      You should Make sure they get plenty of exercise

      Cats are relatively easy to care for, but they can still get bored.  (Try our tips for keeping your cat entertained.) Dogs are a big commitment.  How much exercise your dog needs will depend on the breed and their personality, but as a general rule you should give your dog two 15-minute walks every day.

      You shouldn’t let your pet make unnecessary noises

      When you live in an apartment, it’s important to think about your neighbors.

      Although cats are not a problem, dogs can bark for a variety of reasons.  If they bark to stop an intruder, that’s a good thing.  But problems like separation anxiety, boredom or loneliness can also make them cry.

      If you leave your dog alone when you go to work, make sure you get plenty of exercise – a tired dog is a calm dog.  It is also important to properly train your dog to obey commands to stop barking easily.

      You should establish a bath routine

      Potty breaks are especially important for dogs, and establishing a routine can prevent them from getting distressed and messy on the floor.  Take them out and exercise at the designated time of day or night.

      Cats generally love kitty litter, but it’s important to remember that they need privacy, so give them enough room to relieve themselves.

      You shouldn’t let your pets pollute your building

      It may sound obvious, but no one likes to step on dog or cat feces.  If your pet makes a mess on the street or on the grounds of your building, be sure to clean it up, it’s the right thing to do among neighbors.

    You should groom your pet regularly

      Washing your pet really depends on how dirty they are.  If you can smell them, they probably need a bath!  However, maintenance should be done regularly.  This includes brushing, cleaning the ears and trimming nails, and is especially important for long-haired pets unless you are happy living in a ball of fur.

      You shouldn’t allow your dog to run around your building unsupervised

      While most people love dogs, not everyone would like a strange animal roaming around without being noticed.  This is especially true if children live in your neighborhood.  If you take your dog out of your apartment, be sure to keep it on a leash and only leave it in areas designated as dog parks.

      It is illegal to let your cat outside in many areas.  Even if you live in a city where it is legal, there may be some restrictions on cats in your building.  At the same time, there are many dangers in letting your cat loose.  In places like California, predators such as coyotes can attack them.  Outdoor cats are also at increased risk of infection, hypothermia or trauma.  If you are concerned about your cat getting bored or lazy, there are many toys and activity trees on the market to get them off the couch.