Yes, we receive commission from the apartment complexes. So, it’s completely free for the renter. And no, it does not affect your rent price or in any way possible.

The answer is of course you can but think about this. We find listings every day, it is a skill for us because we do it so much. Plus, we’re excellent at negotiating prices for our clients. And it’s completely free.

The best thing you can get is 8 weeks of free rent and $200 off you rent. Sometimes the deal is smaller with 2 weeks free and $50 dollars off. But there is always a special and we get it.  

Absolutely, every locator is licensed, and you have the right to ask for his/her license number. 


Simple there is a referral question on your leasing contract saying, “Do you have a locator or an agent?”. You simply put your agents name and that is it. 

The first thing we ask our clients is what your areas of interest? And we don’t stop looking until you decide that this is the place. 

We can rent you anything any type of property in Texas

Contact us here, if nobody answers please leave a message. 832-908-5338/info@sweethomelocating.com