Making a Move to Houston? Read This First…

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Texas style is a certain type of cool that you can only find when you’re down in the Lone Star state. If you live near Houston or you’re planning on making a move, it’s important to know what kind of community you’ll find in the neighborhood where you live. Everyone has different tastes, commutes, needs, and cultures; the diverse population of Houston perfectly reflects the cultural atmosphere in neighborhoods all across the metro area. Let’s take a look at the top five and see which location fits your needs best.

The Heights

This early planned community dates back to the start of Houston’s first big growth spurt in 1886. What started out with streetcars and lampposts has now developed into one of Houston’s best neighborhoods. If you’re wanting to recreate that small-town Texas vibe in the heart of one of her largest cities, you may want to take a good look at the available apartments in The Heights.

While this neighborhood may be one of the oldest in H-Town, it doesn’t let anyone down when it comes to modern day charm. This is the perfect spot for creative types or folks that long for the relaxed charm of years gone by. Enjoy a day at the park? Then you’ll love this neighborhood!

You can take a peaceful stroll down tree-canopied streets underneath protection from the broiling Texas summer sun. Now that’s cool.

Are you into finding a hip new restaurant after a shopping trip to the city’s best boutiques? Then this neighborhood should be at the top of your list when you’re looking to make a move anywhere inside of the Houston area.

The heights is a majority Hispanic area, so you’ll be sure to get a good representation of classic Texas culture with a modern day twist. Bike trails run throughout the area and there’s a few bus routes that take you into the heart of downtown. If you work near I-45, The Heights will give you an easy commute.

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River Oaks

The name alone sounds like a wonderful place to live…and believe us, it really is! This is the top of high society in Houston and with a bit of luck, you may just be able to find an apartment that fits your needs and budget right near the Rodeo Drive of Texas.

The history of River Oaks dates back to a land purchase in 1923! In an effort to fight the brutal Texas summers, the developers planned ahead and planted a forest of shade trees and awnings. Cool describes River Oaks in more ways than one!
River Oaks scores high on the location factor and you won’t have to stress if you’ve got a commute anywhere inside of the Houston area. River Oaks Boulevard has been called “the grandest street in Texas” and the houses lining the road live up to that name!

With the recent opening of the River Oaks District, your choices for food, entertainment, and nightlife have never been better. How about a quick trip to the Hermes store for a new bag? If you’re in River Oaks, it’s no problem at all. If you’re curious about living in River Oaks and want to do a quick search, Sweet Home Locating is your one-stop shop for finding the best apartment listings in the entire Houston area.

River Oaks is one of the wealthiest communities in all of Texas, but that won’t stop you from being able to find an affordable new apartment in one of the city’s best neighborhoods. With great schools, beautiful parks, and charming style, this Houston neighborhood sits near the top of our list.

West University

Over on the west side, Rice University blends together a diverse group of young professionals with old-style Texas culture. Families make up the biggest demographic of residents, so you can expect safety with the added bonus of a hip blend of modern Texas style. Get this: almost every street in West U is named for a university, college, or poet.

This neighborhood dates back to 1917, planned to be a community to support the university. The beautiful brick homes would seem to date back to those years but in reality, they’re mostly new construction. After 1992, the city council allowed for a new phase of development in the area which brought even more people to the neighborhood. Houses and apartments had a building boom and the area skyrocketed in popularity.

As it’s home to a university, tolerance and diversity are big influences on the culture in West University. Houston has always been a center for progressive ideas and the tradition of being “Texas” friendly lives on in this charming little part of town.

Some of Houston’s most beautiful parks can be found lining the streets of West U. Colonial Park boasts a community pool, a volleyball court, and numerous other recreational facilities. If you’ve got kids, West U is the perfect spot to consider moving to. Rice University isn’t the only great school in the area–the neighborhood’s public schools are some of the best in the state of Texas!

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The downtown area is one of Houston’s fastest growing urban neighborhoods, outpacing both Dallas and San Antonio. While the area was primarily a business district back in the day, new housing developments and amazing apartment complexes now shine bright with the city lights of Houston.

If you’re a food lover, Downtown is your paradise. You’ve got choices from literally all over the world! Lunch could be Thai and dinner could be Ethiopian food…the Houston community truly is one that represents people from all walks of life.

While the entertainment is on hold during the crisis of 2020, you can be sure that it’s due to return as soon as everything calms down. If you love live music, you’ve got the chance to catch your favorite bands everywhere from intimate clubs to gigantic auditoriums. If you’re a sports fan, living close to the action of the Rockets and Texans has never been easier.

Another advantage to living in downtown Houston is the decreased commuting time. Do you work right in the center of the city? Think about never having to get on the freeway again! If you have to travel outside of the metro area, you’ll have convenient transit options and a quick way to jump on I-45 and I-69.

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Upper Kirby

Named after local businessman John Henry Kirby, this quirky little part of Houston is a dream for anyone looking to move into the city. Just a few minutes away from downtown, Upper Kirby connects a group of neighborhoods that are both old and new.

If classic American suburb is what you’re seeking, then look no further than Upper Kirby to make a new home in Houston. While the trendier parts of Houston have the up-and-coming eateries and retail, Upper Kirby offers a familiar selection of chains and names from all across the country.

The neighborhood has a classic sense of humor, especially the British type. With Upper Kirby sharing the same initials with the United Kingdom, the local residents decided to have some fun and show a bit of British influence. Take a stroll down the main avenue and you’ll see red telephone booths lining the street, paying tribute to the classic London look.

Great schools, a cheap cost of living, and all around peaceful vibes make Upper Kirby a great place to live and to work. Ready to move? Sweet Home Locating can get you into your dream apartment right away!

Well, there you have it…the top five neighborhoods inside of Houston. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, the thought of red telephone booths lining a Texas street gives us a great big smile.

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This post was authored by Kyle Cunningham