About Us


We thrive to succeed in this industry, and we can't do it unless you're happy and satisfied with your choices. We only accept the best for you, and we know what you don't about apartments, because we do it daily.


No offense but we know about renting more than you do, thats why we have to be in complete control of what we say in front of leasing agents. We want the best for you because we look forward to working with you again.


Your apartment will be there everyday for you, and when you park your car and walk to your door, we want a home sweet home feeling inside you. We thrive for you happiness daily. Getting the best deals for your pleasure with no charge.

Amendment - 1

The Best

We wont stop until you give us the okay for the apartment. It has to be a home not just a place to live.

Amendment - 2


We vow to always be honest and faithful about prices and living condition. It’s the only we know

Amendment - 3

Price Hassle

We know apartments gives you a lot of stress and hassle over prices. We can do the same to them. If they don’t back down on high prices we wont rent.

Amendment - 4


This is a joy to us not a hassle. Bringing you a place you can call home is our daily mission.

Amendment - 5


When you target the apartment of your dream, we wont stop until we bulls eye that circle.

Apartments Found

Our agents usually find five apartments options for our clients. And will continue to find until the client says yes.

Apartments Leased

We will not stop until you're one hundred percent sure that this is the right place for you.

Satisified Customers

Reviews from our clients is more important than any commission we receive from apartments.

Join the bad ass team that's bringing kick ass apartments.

Realtors, Texans and Baseball fans allowed only